Fade… (2015)

My father suffered a stroke in 2010. He has dementia from this traumatic event. I proposed Fade… to M1 Fringe in 2015 as the theme of the festival that year was Art and Loss. I decided to hang a thousand iphone images, those images that document our lives and that are the closest things to our memories, and let the audience take away and image that the like. The installation fades over the twelve days of hanging.

TNH_150114_1277The first day

TNH_150125_1388The last day

I also provided a wall where I asked the audience to write on post it notes what they never wanted to forget.

Meng Tay, my old theatre production friend designed the frame from which the images hung. A team of volunteers from the fringe helped me string the frame. And a group of friends, mainly from my tango class, came and helped me attach the images to the strings.

Sean Tobin, Jezamine and the fringe team were absolute fabulous to work with. The space, which at first put fear in me, turned out beautifully.