Artist Statement

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAReality is all in the mind. And yet most of us assume that there is a universe outside us, a world distinct from ourselves, our physical bodies. All we can do is make assumptions from what we perceive reality to be. What enables us to have these perceptions are our bodies with our multiple senses. Our comprehension of the world is bound by the sensitivity of our bodies, what we can feel, see, hear, taste, smell etc. The body is also what we use to manipulate objects outside of us.

What do we really know? What is common in our humanity? Art is a personal way of expressing our experiences, what our bodies tell us. I am interested in communicating directly to other people through my work, with as little symbolic intervention as possible. Perhaps the ultimate goal would be to directly transfer brain signals from me to you, but until then, I try and make art work that crudely creates experiences that I find interesting. I also share human concerns, like mortality, a subject covered by many artists. I also make social comments, because I can only assume that the world that my body is perceiving is real and that this world is important to maintain and nurture.

I am not so interested in creating commercial art. I am more like a traveling story teller, sharing human experience, but in my case they are non-verbal experiences.

My commercial web site is at It feature my portrait services and rental of my photographic studio.

Photography on media platforms:

Instagram: tanngiapheng