The Little Things

There is something about youth in which we strive to prove ourselves, to make a mark in this world. For some of us our ideas are grand, fed upon the stories of famous people doing incredible things. We look up to Bill Gates or Roger Federer or some other shining star. And it is important as we age that we keep active, to be engaged. I am not so sure though about having to shoot for the stars. My father, who is one of the wisest men that I have ever met, always told me that there was nothing wrong with being mediocre. But contented people never changed the world was what I thought. I think differently now, I think it is compassionate people that can make the most profound change in the world.

Mondays now have become my Sundays because Monday is the day my wife’s cafe closes. Last Monday we had breakfast and then I had a haircut. In the afternoon we had high tea with a couple of friends. We visited my in laws and saw our niece, playing in my in-laws house. We then visited my parents to see that they are being well taken care of. We then had a nice dim sum dinner and watched a bit of television together. These are actually the most important things, creating stronger bonds between friends and family. Being there for the one we love the most.

My wife Choo San is working to make a wellness cafe that serves healthy food at a reasonable price and will also have space for yoga classes. I will continue to pursue my art and my photography, but I want my work to enable people to become more conscious of their lives and their decisions. I want to become a portrait photographer again because I want families to create stronger bonds. I want to create work that will invite people to re-evaluate what we do in this world. Can we truly leave this world a little better than when we came into it?

How rich can we get? How famous can we be? What does it matter if no one loves us and we have not loved anyone else? We are human beings, social beings. The meaning of our lives lies in the invisible threads that tie our lives together.

Photo by Kim Dy-Liacco

Photo by Kim Dy-Liacco

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